Our Causes

Why do we host races?


We believe that running and staying physically active promotes a healthy, sustainable, and happy lifestyle. Running events encourage people to stay in shape or get in shape. Being physically fit is essential to supporting health and happiness.


We believe in supporting strong families. Whether it’s your running community or your blood relations, strong family ties are crucial to happiness and health. We hope our races encourage families to run together and support each other through the race course as well as the course of life.


We believe in supporting youth because they are the future. By providing opportunities for youth to engage in running events, we hope to encourage a lifelong habit of physical fitness. Running events can give them a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

 Those in Need

We believe in supporting those less fortunate. Every race we run presents an opportunity to benefit people in need. So many find themselves in circumstances today that they have little control over that impairs their ability to lead a healthy and happy life. We hope to enable them with our races to somehow improve those circumstances.


With every race, we give the significant portions of the proceeds to organizations that share these same causes and values.

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